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The All Natural Diabetes Cure You Can Make In 5 Minutes

One of the most prevailing diseases in the world right now is diabetes. Modern medicine cannot cure this disease, but progress is made every day and now, it is possible to keep it in check. Most sufferers live normal lives. There is a natural diabetes cure we will talk about in this article. Future posts will also explore other home remedies for diabetes – how to use them and how to enhance their effects.

The Potato – The Original Culprit For Diabetes?

Thanks to advances in agriculture we have adopted heavily processed grains and legumes, one of which is the potato. We made it part of our diet due to its incredible versatility and power to stave off hunger. However, it has a high glycemic index. Most of us don’t really eat potatoes in a diet-friendly way, which would be either baked or boiled, but rather deep fried.

During the first 2 hours that follow such meals, a spike in blood glucose occurs and the insulin level increases considerably. After that, the resulted energy decreases quickly and you feel tired and hungry again. The same happens when you eat sweets. Now, imagine what eating french fries and dessert does to your body. No, you are not going to get diabetes after such a meal, but if it happens on a regular basis, you are putting yourself at risk.

A diet rich in potatoes and sweets can take a toll on one’s pancreas. What happens over time is insulin resistance. For those, who are prone genetically or environmentally to diabetes, developing insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes, which is known as adult-onset type of the disease.

The good news: It can be managed it with a few lifestyle changes and certain drugs to lower blood sugar levels. Natural home remedies also help.

The bad news: This condition is for life. Moreover, diabetes is a potentially life-threatening disease.

A Natural Diabetes Cure Makes It Easier To Manage The Disease

While we won’t go into the health risks a diabetic person is exposed to, we will state that diabetes can be managed quite good with home remedies! Unlike medication, home remedies don’t come with a scary list of side effects and high toxicity levels. This is exactly why a doctor in the Philippines decided to pursue the all-natural path and find a cure for diabetes.

Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco has found, supposedly, a cure for this affliction. After a lifetime of trying to find a cure for diabetes, he claims he has found it in the form of a home remedy! By preparing a mixture packed with minerals, our bodies can fight against diabetes and reclaim its balance.

Here’s a home remedy for diabetes that you can prepare in 5 minutes:

  • 12 peppers
  • 10 raw quail eggs or 2 large hen eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Preparation and use

What you need to do is carve and grind the peppers in order to mix them easily with the eggs. Then, add half a teaspoon of sea salt to the mix and stir until everything is smooth. Pour the mixture into a glass and consume it.

DISCLAIMER: Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to try this home remedy without prior consent from your doctor. Diabetes is a very serious disease and going off your usual medication can have life-threatening consequences due to potential sudden changes in blood sugar levels. This can lead to accidents, blackouts or diabetic coma. Only try natural diabetes cures if your physician has given you their consent.


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