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Remedies For Pesky Blisters – Natural Solutions That Work

Blisters are annoying but are also a fact of life. There are several different ways to get blisters. The most common is rubbing your skin to the point where a pocket of fluid develops between the skin layers. If a blister forms by nicking a blood vessel, you might also see that pocket fill with blood instead of just clear fluid. Other causes of blisters include eczema, poison oak, sunburn, and poison ivy. For such varied causes of blisters, there are several natural blister remedies to alleviate your condition. It just leaves you to pick the right one for your situation.

Keep blisters clean with sanitizer

Keep Your Blister Clean

The simplest solution to keeping your blisters clean is to use soap and water. If friction is still a concern, put at little petroleum jelly on the blister. It will also help you if you cover the blister with a simple band-aid. Just be sure to change that bandage on a daily basis so that it remains clean. This is all so that you don’t make the blister worse when you’re trying to eliminate it entirely.

Natural remedies for pesky blisters

Natural Blister Remedies

One of the best natural blister remedies is to apply marigolds calendula ointment. It is a wound healing ointment that needs to be exposed to air at night, though during the day you should still be applying a daily bandage.

Another solution is to use aloe vera gel to your blisters but be sure to use the pure aloe vera from the plant. Aloe vera products can contain alcohol, which will dry things out. Whenever you can, apply a cold wet washcloth to your blister because it will help with pain and itching.

Popped blisters in heels

If the Blister Pops…

A blister pops and it’s kind of gross. However, there are things you need to keep in mind and do in order to keep the situation under control. First, wash the popped blister with soap and water. Then cover with a band-aid.

However, once a day you should be removing the bandage to apply a mixture of three parts vegetable oil and one part tea tree oil. You can also apply calendula oil mixed with vitamin E for up to a week.

Hopefully, these natural blister remedies will help be of help. Good luck!

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