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Four Simple Home Remedies For Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes is a condition that most people have and everyone wants to get rid of. Dark circles are often accompanied by inesthetic bags. There are a lot of treatments you can get at spas, there is the more severe option of cosmetic surgery and a myriad of beauty products you can buy to treat and brighten the under eye area. Home remedies for dark circles are much less expensive, less invasive and safer to use. So, you don’t have to look very far – you can remove dark circles with a few things you have right in your kitchen.

young woman with dark under eye circles

Causes Of Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark circles can be caused by a number of factors, though often times it is hereditary. Factors such as aging, stress, excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, not properly removing eye makeup at night, allergies, an unhealthy diet, not getting enough sleep and not drinking enough water, are among the causes for dark under eye circles. Eye strain and sun overexposure are also common contributing factors for this bothersome condition. Luckily, you’ll find below some cushy home remedies for dark circles.

Fresh green tea with leaves

Green Tea Is One Of The Best Home Remedies For Dark Circles

Green tea seems to be the ‘on-trend’ cure for a myriad of illnesses and conditions nowadays. Dark under eye circles can now be added to the list of things green tea can cure. It contains antioxidants and other nutrients that reduce puffiness and help to lighten the under-eye area. If you already have hopped aboard the green tea craze, don’t throw those tea bags away after you have brewed a cup of tea.

Keep the used tea bags in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then take them out and put them right over your eyes for 15 -20 minutes, the longer the better. If you repeat this process daily for at least 7 days, you will notice great results.

You can also mix the tea from a tea bag with a teaspoon of honey. Let the mixture dry and then apply it gently to your dark circles. Rinse it off and repeat this simple procedure daily until you are satisfied with the results. You can massage your whole face with this natural remedy, it will keep it clean and moisturized.

When you’re looking for home remedies for dark circles, you may want to also try the Green Tea essential oil, with appreciated anti-aging properties. Containing beneficial antioxidants, it will protect the skin from UV radiation and help it with the collagen production. Buy yourself a bottle of this natural wonder (always check to be CPTG certified), mix 5 drops with a tablespoon of almond or coconut oil and gently massage yours under the eye area. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water.

freshly sliced cucumber for dark circles treatment

The Cool Healing Powers Of Cucumbers

Cucumbers reduce swelling by increasing the blood flow to the area under the eyes. They contain lots of water, keeping yours under the eye area hydrated. The juice also helps to lighten the color of the skin, because of  Vitamin K. To enjoy the benefits of this refreshing treatment for dark circles, all you have to do is grab a cucumber from your fridge and cut it into thick slices, about 1-2 inches in diameter.

Now, apply two slices to your eyes for 10-15 minutes or until the coolness wears off. After that, wash your face with lukewarm water. If you do this twice per day for 7 days continuously, you should see significant improvement in your dark under eye circles. Spa day at your place!

Woman applying pads with cold milk to reduce dark circles

Milk Is Not Only Good For The Bones

A lot of people don’t know that milk is a great home remedy for dark circles under the eyes. Best of all, you probably already have it in your fridge. Milk has many healing properties. It contains lactic acid which improves moisture in the skin. The nutrients found in milk, such as protein, antioxidants and amino acids, help to heal damaged skin and keep it firm and healthy. It also contains Vitamins A, B6, and D, all helping out your skin to build new cells.

You can apply cold milk under the eyes, using a cotton ball until the coolness fades. Repeating this process 3 times a day for 2 – 3 weeks will yield noticeable results.

Potato slices are a great remedy for dark circles under the eyes

Potatoes Are Not Just For French Fries

Surprisingly, potatoes have nutritional value not only as part of a healthy diet but also for the skin. They have properties that help to lighten dark under eye circles and decrease swelling and puffiness. This home remedy for dark circles works best as an overnight treatment. To prepare your very own potato remedy, chill two potatoes in the fridge for a minimum of one hour, then peel and blend to extract the juice.

Apply the juice under your eyes with a cotton ball and go to sleep. When you wake up, wash your face with warm water and repeat this treatment nightly for one week. This will improve the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Thankfully, this aesthetic issue is not a serious skin problem and can be cured with several home remedies for dark circles. Because they are natural, you can test and try as many different options as you like, without damaging your skin or experiencing harsh side effects (unless you are allergic to a particular ingredient). You don’t have to resort to using makeup to hide your dark under eye circles, get rid of them for good.

We advise you to choose one and stick to it for at least 7 consecutive days. Don’t expect miraculous results after one use, because that just isn’t realistic.

Also, dark circles under the eyes can be a side effect of a serious condition so we advise you to investigate this potential problem with your physician. Always ask for your doctor approval before making any health-related decisions.

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